Gecco – A modular programmable IoT interface unit

A modular interface unit that meets the needs of the new generation of technology for alerting, remote control, and remote monitoring in the PPDR system environment.

GECCO enables the required functionalities in both fixed installations and vehicles. As technology and operational needs evolve, GECCO keeps up with the development.

With the GECCO interface unit, you can:

  • Alert
  • Remote control
  • Monitor
  • Interconnect

Versatile connections and features

  • Extremely versatile connections, features and programmability
  • Developed especially for use in PPDR operational environment
  • Allows use of legacy and new systems in parallel
  • The modular basic structure ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness,
    from simple basic use cases to demanding system applications
  • High-quality Finnish design and production

From basic functions to demanding applications customized for your needs

Python-based configuration enables highly efficient maintenance and device customization for various purposes. With expert design, we have ensured a foundation that provides flexibility for maintenance and further development.

The modularity of the GECCO interface unit ensures the replacement of changing components such as modem circuits with newer ones. The lightweight basic assembly works in simple and cost-effective applications. With option modules, the unit can be easily expanded for more demanding applications.

GECCO front panel.
GECCO back panel.

Gecco technical information

  • Versatile programming of functions with Python-based scripting
  • Ethernet (IP network, external MCX router, AES67 announcement system, etc.)
  • 2 x USB port (for USB flash drive, USB-TETRA, USB-MCX)
  • 2 x internal LTE (+GNSS) modem (Virve 2 or commercial mobile data networks) or other Mini PCIe-based radio module (such as LoRaWAN) slot and external antenna connection (MIMO)
  • 5 x serial port (usable for TETRA radio, GSM modem, ESPA 4.4.4 fire alarm interface, KNX automation interface, etc.)
  • Memory card slot (scripts, voice recordings, logging)
  • Traditional VHF/UHF radio general-purpose interface
  • Microphone / local control button interface
  • Central radio relay output with changeover contact
  • 2 x opto-relay output
  • 8 x digital I/O
  • 4 x analog measurement input (e.g., measurement of battery voltages)
  • PWM output
  • Amplifier control (high-power sound system)
  • 1-wire bus (e.g., temperature sensors)
  • CAN bus
  • I2C bus (e.g., for I/O expansion units)
  • I2S bus (digital audio)
  • CCIR and DTMF audio frequency signaling
  • POCSAG paging message transmission
  • Optional module: 8 pcs 5 A changeover contact relay outputs
  • Optional module: Audio interface card for audio connections:
    – 5 analog audio inputs
    – 5 analog audio outputs + speaker output
    – Optionally also digital S/PDIF input and output
    – Programmable routing, mixing, volume control, etc.
  • Both aforementioned optional modules can be used simultaneously
  • Operating voltage 10-30 VDC
  • Enclosure dimensions (H x W x D) 44 x 221 x 177 mm


An extension software designed to work with GECCO, typically installed on Windows or Linux mini computers. It can also function independently as a standalone GECCO SW installation in certain use cases.

  • Visual user interface
  • Display of upcoming alerts
  • Display of GECCO status information
  • Local initiation of controls
  • Advanced IP network interfaces
  • Operational logging

Standardized 19″ rack-mountable enclosure available for GECCO system.

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